Rocky Road to Biri Island

I took a taxi, a plane, a tricycle, a van, a jeep, a ferry, another tricycle, a motorized banca and a habal-habal to reach Northern Samar’s hidden gem.

Right after my shift ended, I ran downstairs and hired the first taxi I saw that ungodly hour. I know for a fact that checking online will lessen the chances of me being late for my flight but the long lines just to get inside the airport will surely eat up the time that I saved from queueing at the check-in counter so I ended up nagging the taxi driver to take the skyway instead and stop insisting that it’s too early for me to anticipate the morning rush hour.

45 minutes after I’m already inside the plane, I’m Legaspi bound that morning and base from my friends it’s best to have a window seat on the right side of the plane if you plan to take aerial photos of Mayon Volcano and it didn’t happened for me or at least for the first 15 minutes of the flight. Upon takeoff, I scan my surroundings. It wasn’t a full flight so there must be a window seat available for me to transfer. I guess the travel luck was in my favor and got a window seat.

My travel buddies are already in Biri Island, they’re exploring other Samar islets 2 days ahead of me so technically I’m already late. Going to Biri Island from Legaspi will take you 3 or 4 hours of nonstop travel, transferring from one vehicle to the other; that jeep ride from Sorsogon to Matnog was the longest ride so far and I don’t want to do it again.

I reached our hotel around 2 or 3 in the afternoon, changed clothes and a few minutes after I’m in a habal-habal cruising the coast line, heading to the famous rock formation of Biri Island. Finally, I’m on a holiday again!


My airplane view: Mayon Volcano


When leaving the Island of Luzon


Dried Fish for Breakfast


Move along


Kid’s Water World Playground


One has to cross the bridge to get the rock formation


Natural Pool


Morning Stroll


Biri Rock Formation 


Playing Dwarf and Giant


Selfie with the Rocks


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