First Click of the Shutter

Photo Wall

Hi my name is Jerome, owner of where I share my travel stories, misadventures, food porn experience, and photo relatyed stuff. But I wanted a seperate space on the web where I can manage to share my photos, whatever it is alone. That’s why I’m building this wordpress which I acquire years now; I think even longer than my blogspot account.

I remember I keep on having difficulties when I’m just starting to create a site on wordpress that’s why I tend to lean on blogger instead because I find it friendlier to use (or in my case: It’s just me or my brain cells aren’t working properly) — which is still the case, but I’m trying to learn how to navigate and customize my site and eventually in the process wordpress and myself will be a duo like Batman and Robin.

So, why am I building another blog site? 1. Because of what I stated above, for my photos, 2. Because I like to have a “lab rat” so to speak before I push on my plans of transferring Balintataw and 3. Because as my friends would always say, “wordpress is advertiser friendly”.

To start the ball rolling, I want to you (yes, you! who ever is reading this) raise your glass of for me and let’s cheers for a fruitful start of 2013 here in WordPress.


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